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Hugs System & Components

HUGS System

The Department of Labor states that almost 40% of injuries from falls to a lower level result in over 31 days away from work and “Fatal falls increased by 17% to a new series high, led by increases in the number of fatal falls from ladders and from roofs.”

OSHA mandates that every employer must provide all workers with fall protection while working on a roof. At the very minimum a slide guard and safety harness or guardrail should be in place to protect the workers. The minimum slide guard is described as a 2 x 4 nominal dimension member secured on edge to the roof below the workers, to prevent their possible slide.

Many trades work or stand on sloped roofs such as framers, roofers and plumbers. Working on roofs with multiple levels such as house wrappers,window, siding & soffit installers, lath, stucco, painting and cleaning crews.


  • Multipurpose, reusable plate-mounted safety rail bracket
  • Heavy gauge steel construction with durable enamel finish
  • For use on construction & bridge projects requiring guardrail protection on flat surfaces & around floor openings
Part #Product DescriptionTrussWeight (lbs)
15007 HUGS Quick Bracket 2 x 4 4.00
15008 HUGS Quick Bracket 2 x 6 4.00
15009 HUGS Hawaii Bracket 2 x 4 4.00
15010 HUGS Hawaii Bracket 2 x 6 4.00
15011 HUGS Adapter Bracket   4.00
15012 HUGS Adapter Bracket Strap   4.00
15013 HUGS Stanchion Hug   4.00
15014 HUGS Opening Bracket   4.00
15015 HUGS Wall Bracket - Type A   4.00
15016 HUGS Wall Bracket - Type B   4.00
15017 HUGS New Post   23.00