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2-Person Eco Horizontal Lifeline Kit with Fiber HLL

2-Person Eco HLL Kit

The 2-Person Eco Horizontal Lifeline Kit consists of (2) EcoAnchors and (1) 4-Person 82 foot Fiber HLL System. The EcoAnchor is an industry leading counterweight anchorage connector that requires no penetration of the substrate. Weighing a mere 17 pounds when empty, it fills completely with water within 8 to 10 minutes and then is ready for use.

The 4-Person Rope Horizontal Lifeline System, in coordination with two EcoAnchors, acts as a temporary and reusable 2-person Fall Arrest system, and includes (1) 16mm low-stretch, 82 foot double braided polyester rope (available in a variety of color options), (1) rope tensioner, (2) high strength carabineers, and (1) Ultra-Sack for system transport and storage. Always ensure that all aspects of the installation of HLL systems are done under the supervision of a Qualified Person.


  • 4-Person 82’ Fiber HLL System (30800)*
  • (2) EcoAnchors (30801)

Note: When used in conjunction with EcoAnchor or any other dead-weight anchor, only two workers may be on Horizontal Lifeline.

Part #Product Description
04634 2-Person System Kit includes: 4-Person 82’ Fiber HLL System (30800) & (2) EcoAnchors (30801)