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Bridge Guard™

Bridge Guard

The Bridge Guard is designed for use in bridge-building, precast concrete, and leading edge structural concrete applications, and allows for quick and easy on-site set-up of horizontal lifelines. All concrete substrates must possess a minimum strength of 3,000 p.s.i. The shock absorbing poles and toppers of the Bridge Guard function to dissipate the energy resulting from forces of Fall Arrest, and are composed of aluminum for superior durability and weather resistance. The Bridge Guard is a cost effective, lightweight, and reusable system that may be used by up to 2 workers in Fall Arrest applications, and that may span up to 60 feet between safety posts. Always ensure that all aspects of horizontal lifeline installation, inspection, and maintenance are supervised by a Qualified Person.


  • Cost effective, lightweight and reusable
  • Use for bridge building, precast, or any leading edge structural concrete
  • Shock absorbing aluminum poles with shock absorbing toppers on end posts dissipate the energy generated from a fall
  • Designed to work in minimum 3000 pounds psi concrete
  • Allows for instant horizontal lifeline configuration on site
Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
04725 Bridge Guard - 75" Post with 2-Way Topper 43
04726 Bridge Guard - 75" Post with 4-Way Topper 55