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2-Rung Ladder Jack

2-Rung Ladder Jack

The 2-Rung Ladder Jack is a perfect accessory for jobs that require workers to spend extended amounts of time up on a ladder. It attaches to two consecutive rungs to provide an extended standing/working surface, can be used in pairs to set-up planking up to 18” (45.7 cm) in width, and can even be installed on the opposite side of the ladder to set-up planking to provide a convenient temporary storage location for equipment or materials.


  • Tough riveted and welded ladder jacks will work on the inside or outside ladder face
  • Many uses, such as, painting, siding, window repair, and/or general repair
  • Super quick set-up and tear down
  • Should be fully decked using an 18" wide platform that comply with OSHA requirements
  • Adjustable to fit round or "D" rung ladders
Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
2420 2-Rung Short Body Ladder Jack 5.00
2420P 2-Rung Short Body Ladder Jack (packaged) 6.25
2422 2-Rung Short Body Ladder Jack (pair) 11.00