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Used in combination with the SkyMast Skyhook, the SkyMast is ideal for residential roofing work. This system mounts to a roof ridge, and functions to cradle up to 3 SRLs, up to 65 feet in length, which it allows to rotate a full 360°. The SkyMast, with its schedule 80 central support pipe and strong base plates, provides an incredibly sturdy structure, and the capability to easily absorb the forces of Fall Arrest as it engages the 3 roof trusses on which it is installed. All fasteners and dowel pins are included. SRLs not included.


  • Ideal for safely loading & installing tiles onto rooftops
  • Includes 3 retractable cradles
  • Accommodates most retractable lifelines up to 65'
  • Schedule 80 pipe provides a super strong center post
  • Base plates provide further absorption to the system as they engage three trusses
Part #Product DescriptionWeight (lbs)
00271 SkyMast 40.80

SkyMast - Informational Video