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The Guardian Fall Protection Arc-O-Pod is an affordable, high quality Rescue and Retrieval system. The Arc-O-Pod is a 7 foot aluminum tripod that is lightweight, portable, and easily set up by just one worker. It also includes a storage bag for easy transportation between jobsites. Its adjustable, locking legs can be sized in 2 inch increments to best fit the layout of a given work area, and are kept in position with locking push pins. The tripod can be sized to fit a maximum 5—1/2 foot diameter hole, and is specially designed to eliminate all risk of slippage or movement when in use. Its heat-treated cast aluminum head incorporates a built-in pulley system to facilitate the proper use of mechanical lifeline equipment, and is also equipped with drop forged steel eyebolts for use as an anchorage point for a secondary or back-up system. The Arc-O-Pod also comes complete with a quick-mount bracket compatible with the Guardian 3-Way SRL. This system is certified to withstand a load of up to 5,000 pounds, and is compliant with all applicable ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI A10.14-2004, and OSHA regulations.


  • High quality 7 foot aluminum tripod that incorporates a variety of upgraded features
  • Lightweight & portable
20004Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (64" Tripod) / 10981 (65' 3-Way SRL) / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)15050Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (64" Tripod) / 15028 (Winch) / 15027 (Winch Adaptor) / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)15030Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval Systemt: 64" Tripod / Pulley / Bracket / Chains / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)
Part #Product Description
20001 Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System Kit: 15030 (64" Tripod) / 10974 (50' 3-Way SRL) / 00768 (Ultra Sack Bag)