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Alligator Parapet Roof System

Alligator Clamp Kit

The Alligator Parapet Roof System is the ultimate in multifunctional and durable guardrail systems. It is composed of heavy-duty steel, making it extremely resistant to corrosion and damage, and can be adjusted to fit any parapet wall from 2 to 16 inches. This system also features adjustable height rails to help ensure the it will remain compliant with the 42 inch (+/- 3 inches) top rail height required by OSHA, allowing it to be used on parapets of a variety of heights. The Alligator Parapet Roof System can also fit into box gutters, and is securely installed with the simple tightening of fasteners and one compression bolt. The Guardrail Posts intended for use with this system are compatible with both 2x4” beams and snap-on metal railings, just one more reason why it is one of the best guardrail systems on the market.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable height rails for different height parapets
  • Tightens with fasteners and one compression bolt
  • Fits into box gutters
  • Systems are available to accommodate steel railings or wood 2 x 4's
Part #SizeProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs)
15167   Alligator Clamp Kit: Alligator Clamp, 47" Guardrail Post & Extended Guardrail Gusset  

Alligator Parapet Roof System - Informational Video

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