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Guardrail Standard Gusset Mount

Guardrail Gusset

The Guardrail Standard Gusset Mount is simple to install with either screws or nails, and allows for guardrail systems to be installed flush with outside walls. Guardrail posts used in combination with this gusset are compatible with both 2x4” boards and snap-on metal railings. The Guardrail Standard Gusset Mount may be used in multiple installation locations if undamaged, although new fasteners must always be used with each new installation application.


  • Gusset mounts bring guardrail posts flush with outside walls
  • Saves 40% of installation labor
  • Mounts with screws or nails
  • Reusable
Part #DimensionsProduct DescriptionWeight (lbs)
15159 - Guardrail Standard Gusset Mount 0.25